Do you want to participate in keputusan 4d a news conference?


At the Lottery Outlets, a member of the Lottery’s communications staff will ask you some questions about your winning experience in keputusan 4d, including how many lottery lucky papers you purchased, as you found out that you won and what you are to do with your prize money. This details will be spent for a news release.

You will be asked as well, but are not required, to enjoy in a news conference, most probably at the store where you bought your winning ticket. News conferences can be held at a Lottery office as well. This brings the media with a single picture chance and an opportunity for them to ask you a few questions without having each of them contact you at home or at office.

keputusan 4d

You want to do a news conference. News conferences normally only last approximately 23 minutes and are held within a couple of days after your Lottery ticket validates. Your ticket is not regarded validated until it passes potential validation requirements at the Lottery’s headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, usually within a couple of days after you place your requirement. Keep in mind that your news conference should be a lot of funny things, like weddings and other happy memories.

You do not want to do a news conference. It is your decision if or not to participate in a news conference. Nevertheless, your name and hometown are regarded public details, and they will be released to the media. Not only is this details public by law, publishing it is important to make sure the integrity of the Damacai 4D Lottery’s games. As players were never supplied with actual names, they probably not believe the games are real or fair. If you select not to do a news conference, the media probably still make an effort to contact you at home or your place of employment.

As your ticket is in secured hands you can relax for a while. The Lottery prize process takes about 10-14 days to complete. The Powerball, Mega Millions and Lucky for Malaysia Lottery process, because other state lotteries are involved, takes about 14-21 working days to accomplete. Within the next few weeks, you will be adding thousands or probably millions of dollars to your bank or investment account. At this point, it is ok to do some serious dreaming. A new house? A special car? College for the kids or grandkids? A trip to Malaysia?


Some other things to consider for Damacai 4D

You likely want to alter your telephone number or start creening your calls. After participants hear that you have won, you probably receive calls from friends who want to congratulate you or sales people who have heard about your good memories. Remember to bring any new telephone numbers to the keputusan4d Lottery, so staff members can contact you about any tax or law changes and so on. Basing on the deal of your jackpot, you probably want to stay away from your home for a few days. If you have won a significant amount that has drawn national attention, the media probably try to track you down at home for the story. Deals of $50 million or less likely will not cause a great deal of media frenzy. Before you begin to invest or utilize your money, you should stop and think about what problems most to you. The Secretary of State’s Office serves a Managing Windfalls publication that supplies guidelines for protecting your new wealth and making sure that your windfall helps you secure a more comfortable life. They serve The 3 Knows of Investing publication, which reviews goal setting as well, choosing an investment advisor and investment choices.

With the 4d past result to measure lucky numbers

Everyone is not completely unfamiliar to hear some of the 4D lottery. Of course, this can be considered a “gaming opportunity” that is usually provided by 4d past result, which is one of the first providers of lottery industry in Malaysia. Many people receive large sums of money in lottery games. On the other hand, some of them take gambling a lot of money. In fact, we always have our own questions, which are 4D games. The purity of the game of luck and skill. We can participate in this tournament during school, community games, our shops, and even gambling public meetings.

However, most of us are predicting from a range of 1,2,3 and 4 bits. Of course, there are other changes, but we will not enter it. In addition, we continue to try to analyze the simple logic to improve our prediction of the correct number or give the digital opportunity. So we choose a set of numbers in any way. The answer to this question is to see the results to 4dtoto. These results will help you figure out some of the rules for lucky numbers. As a result, the challenge to reach the top of the lottery winners will be to date reduced.


Why do we want to use 4D to pass the results?

In the lottery, it is true that not everyone knows. The benefits of a particular range appear in the same design in any of the drawings. This may be the result of the ball with extraordinary expenditures resulting in a certain amount more often. The team responsible for the lottery goes so extreme that the ball is the same. They control the problem of anomalies and are regularly replaced to avoid the effect of wear on the balls as they move well. You will not receive enough data from a group to make a prediction before being replaced. As the lottery replacement process is not advertising. You do not know how to group past data to determine some of the statistics.

Can we find out which 4D results?

With the innovation of online lottery system. It is very easy for gamblers to check the results of historical Toto 4D result history. It can be the result of past or current graphics results. Players can use this online system to check if they win a jackpot for the current or expected lucky numbers in future lotteries next game. For example, the player can visit the site, gives the user some sort of lottery with the latest information. In addition, word measurement is a good choice as well as for gamblers. They hope to predict the future of lottery lucky numbers based on past results.

After all, using the past results  and 4d result malaysia today live to predict lucky numbers in the future is not a bad idea for anyone who likes to participate in the lucky draw. We think you should try to have the opportunity to become a winner with large sums of money that will go up this method on a regular basis.

How to predict your toto 4D lucky number?

You are a lot of people who like a lot of 4D games, you want to know why you did not win a lot of 4D games? So you can not miss this article and it will help you know how to predict a toto 4D lucky number. Take the time to read this article if you want to win the game, lots of 4D, and get more money from them.

Many people remember that the lottery is all about luck. This is true, but does not mean there is no way to improve the chances of winning, and predict your lucky numbers. Here are 4 tips to help with your game.


  1. According to your dreams

For the lucky ones, it’s easy to win any type of lottery including a lot of 4dtoto games by your date of birth, involving the purchase of the last 4 digits of the phone number, the sea your car number or the numbers appearing in their dreams. You know, dreams are often expected to happen in your life, a lot of 4D your lucky numbers are likely one of them. Why not try it? You will be surprised by your dreams.

  1. The use of feng shui building

Maybe you do not believe in feng shui, but there are things related to it, we can not understand. Feng Shui can be a miracle, but at least my opinion. And why do not you ask your lucky numbers based on the power of feng shui behind you, when Mother Earth is a lot of 4D. Many people work in the field of business also apply feng shui luck number or color, most of them are very successful. So do not miss your chance to get a lucky number.

  1. Check the latest results

Before you decide to buy any amount of bet, you should update the latest results in a week or even a month. The results play an important role in the victory. You can in turn find something you like, or choose to buy, you have, and I think they will have 4d result malaysia today live to win some good feeling based on the latest lottery results.

  1. Use charts that exceed the analyst’s results

There are many who believe they can predict the winning numbers using charts or formulas, as well as analyzing lottery numbers. In general, they will set up a table that includes all the past lottery results. Past results will be arranged this week, month. They will analyze and try to create a formula to predict the results of the lottery. You can also use this trick to predict lots of 4D your lucky numbers, but you should know that it is not easy to know who else’s recipes, so you should try to create the appropriate strategies and lottery numbers to choose from.

If you start playing Toto4d live, this is what numbers to buy a blank, how I hope I mentioned above can help you have a great suggestion for lots of 4D your lucky numbers. Hope you can play the best!

Learn how to win TOTO 4d today with Richard Lustig

Richard Lustig is known as the luckiest person in lottery field when have won 7 top prizes and lots of multiple small and medium prizes. Lustig is person who changes fact that winning the lottery is all down to luck by his strategies. If you want to give yourself a better winning chance of TOTO 4d today, learn how to win it with Richard Lustig’s methods.


According to Lustig, if you only depend on luck, you will never win lottery prizes as well as never do well anything. You have to create your chance. And now, I will bring the luck to you by giving you Lustig’s strategies to win TOTO 4d Malaysia for free. Let’s explore below!

Believe that you can win on the lottery

People say that your confidence contributes 50% to your success. If you don’t believe that you can win on the lottery, you probably never will because belief make your mind tends to look for lotto strategies to beat lotto games. When you look for methods to increase your chance of winning, you will be amazed because you never think about that and never know wonders in life. That is reason why many lotto syndicates have established to create and develop strategies to help players win more and more.

Strategies to pick winning TOTO 4d lottery numbers

As you know, it is not easy to know lottery results because they are drawn at random. However, with 7 top lotto prizes of Lustig, it is not by chance. So, how did Richard Lustig win his big prizes or how to pick winning TOTO 4d lottery numbers?

The first, don’t miss out wonders that Magnum 4d past result gives you. Collect Magnum 4d results in a certain time and study carefully, you will find amazing things. Remember to pay attention to numbers which are drawn more normally and consider them in your lottery numbers.

The seconds, it is better if you are persons who have background in mathematics or statistics. Lustig admits that he have won lotto prizes based on following deliberate lottery systems.


The third, understand and use wheeling system to increase your odds as well as boost your chance of winning the jackpot prizes. However, the wheeling system is much more difficult to explain. So, you should consult the Lustig’s book to better understand the how this system works.

TOTO lottery tips of Lustig

First of all, you have master all information related to TOTO4d live including how to play, rules, limits, how to win and much more.

Secondly, you just need to buy more tickets is enough to improve your chances of winning.

Thirdly, the best is buying all your tickets from the same agent, at the same time and same roll to give yourself chance of winning at least a prize.

In short

The lotto world is very complex, but very attractive and exciting, especially for those who live thrill and adventure. If you want to win TOTO 4d Malaysia, you should read this article to become winners. Good luck to all!





Behringer is one of the companies that has been more active lately releasing some new products and the last one to be unveiled have been the new SX Series Mixers, similar to the SL Series, the 2 new models (SX2442FX and SX3242FX) have same size than the SL models, the potential buyers are professional or semi-professional musicians that need high quality at mid-range prices.

2000px, CMYK, 300dpi, Single Layer, US Web Coated (SWOP) v2, Left Perspective
2000px, CMYK, 300dpi, Single Layer, US Web Coated (SWOP) v2, Left Perspective

The specifications of the Behringer SX Series Mixers are 24-bit stereo FX processors, 100 included presets (reverb, chorus, …), 4-band EQ on the stereo inputs, British 3-band EQ and 9-band stereo graphic EQ, 60 mm logarithmic-taper faders, 4 aux sends per channel (2 pre and 2 posts fader), 1⁄4″ and XLR balanced, control room, headphones and stereo tape outputs. The main differences between these models are, 24 channels, 2 stereo inputs and 16 Xenyx mic preamps on the SX2442FX model and 32 channels, 4 stereo inputs and 20 Xenyx mic preamps on the SX3242FX.

These products can be used for mixing and recording tasks and includes also some basic functions like talkback and mute-all (but the auxiliary input). The Behringer SX Series Mixers will be soon available and its msrp are $740 for the SX2442FX model and $880 for the SX3242FX.


Shure Incorporated introduced a new professional headphone model designed specifically for professional DJ applications the SRH750DJ Professional DJ headphones.

They join the SRH840, SRH440, and SRH240 to expand the Shure lineup of professional and home recording equipment.

The SRH750DJ Professional DJ headphonesdeliver world-class audio performance, comfort and durability to professional DJs. Custom 50mm drivers tuned to deliver high-output bass with extended highs offer maximized power handling, which optimize the headphones for use with DJ mixers. Comfortable, padded ear cups swivel 90 degrees and allow total control of placement on one ear when mixing. Replaceable cable and ear pads ensure a lifetime of use.


Features include:

– Custom 50mm drivers tuned to deliver high-output bass with extended highs

– 3,000 mW maximum input power allows for optimized connectivity to DJ mixers

– Adjustable, collapsible headband with 90-degree swivel ear cups for comfort and easy one-ear placement

– Closed-back, circumaural design rests comfortably over the ears and reduces background noise in noisy club environments

– Bayonet Clip securely locks cable into ear cup

– Replaceable ear cup pads ensure long product life

– 3m (10ft.) coiled detachable cable provides plenty of length and easy storage

– Carrying bag protects headphones when on-the-go or not in use

– Legendary Shure quality to withstand the rigors of everyday use

The SRH750DJ Professional DJ headphones will be available for $149.99 in November 2009.



Best Service announced one of their latest products – the long-awaited RealLPC virtual guitar instrument.

RealLPC provides incredible playability based on the unique performance modes and easy-to-use keyboard layout as well as the advanced key/pedal/velocity switch system allowing a keyboardist to perform guitar parts with a whole new level of realistic expression. RealLPC covers practically all sounds, articulations, and techniques a professional guitarist can produce on his Les Paul, including mute, bridge mute, harmonics, pinch harmonics, unison bend, strumming, picking, chord chopping, scrapes, and much more.


For users of RealGuitar or RealStrat, crossgrades are available at reduced prices.

RealLPC will be available in the end of the year for $198. (Crossgrade for users or RealGuitar2L or RealStrat $159. Crossgrade for users of RealGuitar2L and RealStrat $139.)

More information about the product at the official site of the producer: Best Service


Akai is now shipping one of its latest products the MPK88 keyboard.

The Akai Professional MPK88 is a professional performance keyboard controller with MPC production controls. The MPK88draws on the design of the popular MPK49, the first keyboard ever to feature MPC pads. This first-of-its-kind keyboard is ideal for performance, starting with a premium, fully weighted, hammer-action keyboard, adding MPC pads, Q-Link controls, and a selection of MPC technologies. The MPK88 is born for the stage and is equally at home in the studio.


It features an 88-key keyboard and 16 genuine MPC pads. The hammer-action keyboard is fully weighted and features aftertouch for expressive melodic control. The MPC pads are pressure and velocity-sensitive to capture every nuance of your creative concepts. The pads can access four banks of sounds, so you have 64 samples at your fingertips with the touch of a button.

The MPK88 places dedicated transport controls within your reach for easy control of some of the most important tracking and editing controls. The MPK88 has modulation and pitch-bend wheels for expressive musicality, and two assignable footswitch inputs enable you to connect an expression pedal or other continuous controller and a footswitch for momentary controls like patch change or start/stop.

One of the most important input devices on an MPC is its Q-Link assignable control section. Akai Pro built a massive collection of Q-Links into the MPK series. The MPK88 gives you eight virtual knobs that are assignable to control nearly any software parameter. You can control three different parameters per knob thanks to the knobs’ three-bank selection, totaling 24 parameters of instant, hands-on control. Like the virtual knobs, eight virtual faders and eight virtual buttons also control three banks of parameters each, so you get 24 virtual faders and 24 virtual buttons. That’s 72 Q-Link controls!

The MPK88 is a MIDI controller that sends its MIDI values over USB. It is bus powered, so all you need to connect and power theMPK88 is the supplied USB cable. Because it is MIDI compliant, theMPK88 works with most MIDI recording, sequencing, and performance software for musical performers from keyboard players to producers to DJs and even VJs!

The MPK88 comes with Ableton Live Lite Akai Edition, one of the most popular and powerful performance and production programs in the world. Ableton Live Lite enables musicians to spontaneously compose, record, remix, improvise, and edit musical ideas in a seamless audio/MIDI environment.

More information about the product: Akai Professional


DVK Technologies introduced their latest product – the GNR8-130.

It is 130W powered stereo guitar amplifier cabinet, designed specifically for use with any DSP- or analog-based direct recording device or preamp.

The current crop of guitar modelling and effects units offer incredible realism and versatility to guitarists. Some of the most sought-after vintage tones and effects are now just a button push away. These incredible amp simulations are at our disposal for the first time without the prohibitive expense and bulk associated with classic hardware units.


The GNR8-130 deliver a full range frequency response system with headroom, dynamics, low distortion and the familiar feel and form of a guitar amp. Constrained layer cabinet design and construction ensures the closest possible neutral response. Whatever goes in, comes out a lot louder and unadulterated by amp and cabinet coloring. Tailored to be in line with the GNR8-130‘s preamp and amp, 2 x 12″ specially selected full range speakers from Lorantz Audio Services (C304P/PA) have been employed to ensure accurate reproduction of any modeller. The flat response of the cabinet, coupled with the true sonic reproduction of the amp and speakers perfectly complements the quality of today’s top modelling devices.

The new GNR8-130 will be showcased along with the full range ofDVK Technologies products at the NAMM 2010 International trade show.


TC-Helicon introduced one of its latest products theVoiceTone Harmony-G XT.

With improved harmony technology and the reverb taken from its big brother, VoiceLive 2, Harmony-G XTimproves vocal tone and provides pro effects and vocal harmony controlled by naturally playing guitar.


Whether creating vocal harmonies that automatically follow guitar input, smoothing vocal performance with the live engineer effects or applying one of the 18 combinations of specifically tailored combinations of effects,Harmony-G XT can transform any vocal performance into a fully produced masterpiece.

New Features in VoiceTone Harmony-G XT:

  • Improved NaturalPlay guitar-controlled harmony algorithm
  • Front-of-house quality reverb algorithm and selection of styles from VoiceLive 2
  • Selection of four overdub-style doubling effects with two more doubling voices available
  • Reworked FX presets offer even more utility across music styles
  • USB connection for easy software updates, tips, and preset backup using the included VoiceSupport applet
  • Adaptive harmony gate added to Tone for a cleaner mix
  • Easy manual selection of Scale & Key for singers without an instrument or horn players

Standard Features

  • Some of the features that made the original Harmony-G such a success
  • Listens to guitar and voice to create correct harmony parts automatically
  • Tone switch smoothes vocals with adaptive Live Engineer Effects
  • 18 combinations of reverb, delay, and ??mod shared by vocal and guitar input
  • 10 presets available, each with A/B options
  • Harmony interval selection includes 3rds and 5ths above and below, octave up and down, and the unique Bass interval
  • Stereo or mono configurable output
  • Clean, studio-quality mic preamp with phantom power and XLR input
  • Guitar signal can be mixed in and share reverb or passed through to separate amplifier
  • Fast, accurate guitar tuner

VoiceTone Harmony-G XT will be available in early December 2009 for $345.

vintage gibson guitars

If you have any vintage gibson guitars that are posted on this site ,you are always welcome to post a review,comment or detailed features ,im sure other guitar players who visit us would love to know … Domenic

Important Note : Due to the overwhelming amount of comments on this blog i cannot answer all the questions although id love to . You can still post questions hopefully some of our viewers can help you out … Thank You

Gibson SG Les Paul Standard

Gibson Sg Les Paul Standard (1961-1963)

george harrison playing the gibson sg standardIn 1960 to 1963 gibson changed the body of the gibson les paul standard to an SG type body with 2 symetrical pointed horns (cutaways) , they had thinner necks and were called the gibson SG les paul standard models .

Some prototypes were made in late 1960 with “les paul model” on the peghead, but they were officially produced and sold in 1961 at a list price of $310 with crown peghead inlays,

the guitar had 2 humbuckers (PAF) , had a les paul logo on the truss rod cover , side -pull vibrato , mahogany body , cherry red finish , pickguards was small and black ( covering about 1/5 of the body ) , and had trapezoid inlay blocks on the fingerboard. In 1962 some models had inlaid ebony blocks on the tailpiece .

In Late 1963 they had gibson maestro vibrolas ( lyre-style covers) , gibson took out the les paul logo on the truss rod , made the necks a little larger ( better built ) and renamed the guitar the :

Gibson SG Standard ( 1963-present )

sg standard and angus young Basically the gibson sg standard guitars stayed the same except for some minor feature changes. In 1966 gibson started manufacturing the sg standard with larger pickguards surrounding the pickups .

In 1973 they had black plastic covers covering the humbucking pickups , in 1975 gibson added a tun o matic bridge , during the late 70s bigsby vibratos and stop tailpieces along with more color variations were added such as walnut , tobacco and white .

During the eighties metal covered humbuckers were installed and they went from small pickguards to large to small again in the early 90s , more colors were added and basically until today the bulk of the guitar stayed the same .

The gibson sg was fairly popular but really hit it mainstream when rockstars and guitar players such as george harrison from the beatles ,and eric clapton from cream started exploring its capabilities .

Angus Young from ac/dc took the sg standard to a new level when he plugged this guitar in his old marshall amp and created one of the most influential guitar sound in the rock n roll and hard rock business , the sound was simple ,BIG , bluesy , Phat , raw and powerful .

In 1986 gibson also made an SG reissue model , these gibson guitars had 60s style pickguards (small), trapezoid inlays , crown pegheads , cherry finishes , nickel plated hardware , and plastic tuner buttons , they were renamed Sg ’62 reissue in 1988 , discontinued in 1991 and were reintroduced as the gibson Sg ’61 Reissue in 1993 to present.

In 1988 they also introduced the gibson sg ’62 reissue showcase edition with emg pickups . ( only 200 were made )

Vintage Price Value For 2009 :
1961 – 1963 > $19 000 to $25 000 ( SG les paul standard )
1963 – 1965 > $18 000 to $25 000 ( SG Standard )
1966 – 1967 > $7 000 to $8 000
1968 – 1969 > $6 500 to $8 000
1970 – 1975 > $2 500 to $4 000
1976 – 2000> $1 200 to $1 600

1986 – 1991 > $9 00 to $1 300 ( sg reissue /’62 sg reissue )
1988 – 1989 > $1 200 to $1 500 ( Sg ’62 reissue edition /200 made )
1993 – 2000> $9 00 to $1 500 ( SG ’61 Reissue )

1961-1963 > Avg Upward Trend of 36% a year since 2000
1963-1965> 33% 1966-1967> 22% 1968-1970>16% 1971-1975>11%
This is just a brief review of the gibson sg standard guitars but there are also many factors that can determine the value of the guitar such as colors , factory bigsbies , pickups ( PAF or not ) …etc.

Always verify first with someone who knows his vintage guitars for consulting before buying or selling ….

Buying Advice For Used & Vintage Gibson sg les paul standard Guitars
If you want to buy used or vintage sg standard guitars , you can find gibson sg standard guitars for sale on ebay , however they don’t have them all the time …


Whatever your tastes are, there is a guitar for you. From Fender to Gibson and all the other million guitar makers, there has to be any model you like. Maybe not? Then you are one of those with a really strange taste and this is the post for you.

This compilation shows the 20 strangest guitars we have been able to find. Some of them can not even be played or, at least, are not comfortable enough to do it. With others, you have to be a genius to play. Anyways, all of them have some singularity which makes them special.

Let’s enjoy this bizarre tour.

1. Flipout


See something strange in this guitar?  Yeah, the body is reversed. Or maybe it’s the neck which is reversed? Anyway, this doesn’t seem like a comfortable guitar to play, at least if you want to get to the higher notes in the fretboard. You can get one for $459 online.

  • More information about Flipout.

2. Gun guitar


Play and kill at the same time with the Gun guitar. Someone fromGizmodo saw this in a Japanese Yamaha store, where there must be lots of weird guitars, have a look at the bass in the left. The price is about $700, not bad if only you could shot with it.

  • From Music Thing.

3. Pikasso


Pat Metheny is one of the most famous jazz guitar players and winner of lots of Grammys. The Pikasso guitar was built for him by luthier Linda Manzer in 1984 and it has 42 strings.

  • More info about Pikasso.

4. Jeweled Jesus


A Fender Stratocaster carved by Doug Rowell for Mike Deasy in 1969, representing the figure of Jesus with a hand on the bridge. For more weirdness, it was stolen from him and returned 25 years later after announcing it on a webpage.

  • More info about Jeweled Jesus

5. Cigar box guitar


The guitar for people with few money. Many famous rock and blues players made one themselves when they were young and couldn’t buy one. Made from whatever you could find: cigar box, broom handle,… Carl Perkins, composer of blue suede shoes built one in his youth.

  • More info about Cigar box guitars.

6. Toilet seat guitar


This toilet seat guitar includes all the accessories for making it look very real, like the turd and the toilet paper. Makes me wonder, does it sound like sh*t?

  • From BoingBoing.

7. Harp Guitar


For some people (like me) it’s difficult enough to play the guitar, leave alone if it is combined with a harp. This is a combination of two instruments in one, and there are thousands of models, with different number of strings and configuration.

  • More information at Harp Guitars.

8. Satan angel guitar


I have no additional info about this guitar, but the picture is weird enough to be included here. Recommended for death-metal and satanic bands, I suppose.

  • From CollegeHumour.

9. Naked lady guitar


Wanna be really provocative? Then you have to play with this guitar or the next one, whichever fits you most. Both are guaranteed to scandalize your public and, of course, their mothers. Have a look where the jack is connected.

  • From Music Thing.

10. Wangcaster


If you need to show your virility on stage the Wangcaster is your guitar. Picture says it all, so no more comments. Well, the pubic-hair pickguard is nice to have too.


oday we will show you the five, in no particular order, highest rated overdrive pedals, we made this list with the user’s reviews made in on-line stores and review sites, so feel free to share with us your opinion on each pedal or what pedal would you include in the list. The chosen ones have been: Damage Control Womanizer Tube Distortion Preamp, DigiTech Screamin Blues, Vox Cooltron Big Ben Overdrive Pedal, Musician Sound Design Silverstone Overdrive Pedal and Boss FBM-1 Fender Bassman Pedal.

Damage Control Womanizer Tube Distortion PreampThe Damage Control Womanizer Tube Distortion Preamp is a Class A dual tube preamp with distortion pedal that features two channels (engage and nuclear), two 12AX7 tubes, analog tube circuit, true-bypass switch, analog opto-compressor, 2-band bionic EQ (pre and post), master level, drive and opto compression controls and magic-eye display (output meter that reacts to performance’s volume levels). The Womanizer produces a warm tone with a huge range of sounds, from clean and funk to high-gained sounds at any volume levels. The recommended price for this pedal is $299.99.

DigiTech Screamin BluesThe DigiTech Screamin Bluesdistortion pedal is, obviously, specially designed for blues and classic rock tones. The pedal features distortion level, low (boosts and cuts bass frequencies), high (cuts upper harmonics) and gain (sets the maximum ditortion level) controls, dual outputs (for amp and mixer, which has a cabinet emulated circuitry) and non-slip on/off footswitch and LED. TheScreamin Blues pedal produces a very good clean sound and classic rock mid-range distortion tones that will allow you to play vintage rock, rockabilly, rock ‘n roll, … The recommended price for this pedal is $49.95 and you can buy it at zZounds.

Vox Cooltron Big Ben OverdriveThe next one is the Vox Cooltron Big Ben Overdrive Pedal is a tube-run distortion pedal that features one 12AU7 tube, 3 simple controls, gain, tone and volume, true-bypass switch, on/off footswitch and mirrored finish. Can be powered by 4xAA batteries or by a 9V DC adapter. This one produces a cool vintage tube distortion sound at any level (volume or overdrive) that will allow you to play everything, from chords to classic rock riffs. The recommended price of the Vox Cooltron Big Ben Overdrive pedal is $179.

Musician Sound Design Silverstone OverdriveWe found few information about this pedal, so if you own it, feel free to make yur own comments. The Musician Sound Design Silverstone Overdrive is a full frequency response overdrive pedal that features volume, tone and warmth controls, low/high tone switch (that adjust the pedal to bass or guitar) and on/off footswitch. Those simple controls shouldn’t put you back, this pedal provides provide a huge range of overdriven tones, from clean boost to powerful saturation, all with a very good dynamic response. The recommended price is $199.99.

Boss FBM-1 Fender BassmanThe last will be the Boss FBM-1 Fender Bassman, a pedal that tries to emulate the sound of the 1959 Fender Bassman amp, that we introduced you in Winter NAMM ’07 coverage. The device has the classic BOSS pedal shape and features presence, middle, bass, treble, gain and level controls, on/off footswitch and LED (that also works as battery indicator) and its sound really captures the original sound of a Bassman amp. The tonal range goes from a fat clean sound to a tube-like overdriven sound that will allow you to recreate the sound of your favorite blues and classic rock players. The price of the Boss FBM-1 is $149 and you can buy it at zZounds.



JZ Microphones announced their new microphone line.

It is called JZ Vintage and it will be a microphone line with a unique and smart design with the well known vintage sound.

The new microphone series mics have a flask shape with built in shockmount and unique capsule. JZ will have three different models V-67, V-47 and V-12. Each mic will have the best vintage sound in honour of U67, U47 or C-12. Capsules will be improved by patented JZ Golden drops capsule sputtering technology.


“We all know how important for recording industry are certain vintage mics and how people use to prefer them as standards for comparisons and evaluation with other mics,” says Juris Zarins, microphone designer. “In a fact that vintage mics in a high quality are not easily available we decided to launch this microphone line to satisfy demand of our customers and complete also our microphone range. I believe that JZ Vintage microphones are going to shake all microphone industry!”

JZ Microphones was established in Latvia in 2007. The company develops innovative modern recording equipment and world-renowned studio microphones.

More information about the new microphones can be found here: JZ Microphones